What to look for…

When you’re looking for a permanent makeup artist, here are a few things you should consider before choosing one.
• Does the makeup artist have any type of art background?
• Do they know color theory, face shape, proportions and perspective?
• Are all the eyebrows the same shape?
• Do the colors look realistic and natural on the healed client photos?
• Do they have great comments from satisfied clients?
• What type of education or training have they had beyond permanent makeup?
• Do they stand behind their work?
• Passion is a buzz word these days. Their work should reflect skill and experience, that’s where the passion shows up?
• You should see mainly pictures of well-done work, not a fancy salon with expensive furniture.
• Do they post pictures of both eyes so you can see the final look?
• Do they list their prices?
Picture posts of makeup designs should be often, and amazing. This is your face, you want the best. I would even recommend asking to talk to a previous client or two. I have done this for my clients in the past that have requested it. If you’re not completely convinced, I would keep looking…or call me!