Procedure Instructions

Pre-Procedure Instructions:
  • Before your eyeliner procedure please take 1 Benedryl at bedtime the night before your scheduled procedure, and 1 more an hour before your appointment. This will help reduce tear production during the procedure.
  • Do not wear contact lenses during any procedure involving your eye(s). You can wear them to the appointment but please bring a case and solution for storage.
  • It is up to the client whether to have a driver available or “on-call” to drive you home following a procedure involving your eye(s). Clients are usually fine to drive themselves home.
  • Do not schedule an appointment prior to major events, such as a vacation, wedding, social outing, etc. as you will have to wear an aftercare ointment on your procedure site(s) for one week following the procedure(s).
  • If you are planning a lip color procedure and have ever experienced a cold sore, even one time in your life, it is recommended you obtain a prescribed anti-viral medication (Valtrex or Zovirax). The medication must be taken two days prior to the procedure.
  • It is necessary to be off of Accutane for one year, prior to all procedures. It is necessary to be off Retin A or Renova for 30 days, prior to a procedure.
  • Avoid aspirin products for 7 days prior to all procedures unless medically necessary. Tylenol is okay.
  • Avoid Vitamin E and Niacin for two weeks prior to all procedures unless medically necessary.
  • Avoid alcohol the night before all procedures.
Post-Procedure Instructions

Keep brows or eyeliner dry for 48 hours. On the third day, wash your hands and gently apply a thin layer of After Inked at bedtime. Apply After Inked once a day, at bedtime, until the 6th day. On that day, wash your brows gently, with your hands, and mild soapy water, splash rinse and apply a thin, thin layer of AfterInked and gently rub into the scabs. Most of the scabs if not all will probably flake off. If they feel like they are still attached. Do not pick them. They will fall off in the next day or so.

You may experience the following for several days after the procedure.

  1. Puffy eyes.
  2. Light bruising near eyelid or brow area.
  3. Do not rub skin when washing your face for at least 10 days. Pat dry, no wiping or rubbing during wash or dry.
  4. Do not pick or scratch tattooed area.
  5. For aftercare, do not wash the area, scrub, pick, or get any chemicals on the area until it is healed.
  6. Do not wear makeup on tattooed area, until area has healed.
  7. Use sun screen and avoid harsh chemicals or Retin A, this may cause color to fade, or discolor.
  8. Do not put anything at all on tattooed area except After Inked or aquaphor. That includes lotions, tanning creams, makeup, antibiotic ointment, Retin A, water, or teri-cloth towels.
  9. The tattooed area will be dark for the first several days and will fade. Lips will fade about 50% after the first three days into a natural shade. While healing, the tattoo will look spotty.
  10. Stay out of chlorinated pools, sun beds for 2 weeks.
  11. Do not use antibiotic ointment or anything else during healing.
  12. If cold sores are seen on the lip area, call your doctor for a Valtrex prescription ASAP.
  13. If your eyes are red from the eyeliner procedure you can use emergency eyewash that can be purchased at any drug store. Eyewash that contains boric acid works well.
  14. You should apply MicroBalm on your lips every hour for the first three weeks. This will prevent dryness.
  15. If you experience an allergic reaction contact your doctor ASAP, and contact Cindy Fleagle (515) 321-9810. Please sleep with your head upright for the first night.
  16. No smoking immediately following the lip procedure.

Avoid for 1 week:
· Soaps, chemicals, facial cleansers, water on pigmented areas
· Washing pigmented area
· Chlorine pools
· Retin-A on pigmented areas
· Makeup on pigmented area for 5 days, including non-allergenic
· Hot, steamy, long showers
· Sun on pigmented areas
· Jacuzzi or saunas
· Terry towels on pigmented areas
· Shower with your back to the water to avoid water, shampoo and conditioner from getting into the pigmented areas.


Usually, eyes are most swollen the morning after the procedure as eyeliner causes trauma to the skin, like any tattoo. (Also, during the evening you may soil your pillow with residual pigment.) However, upon waking the morning after the procedure, and with normal activity, eyes become much less swollen within a few hours. It is important to keep your eyes dry for the first 7 days. Do not pick at the eyeliner. Do not wear contact lenses for 2 days following the procedure, however, technically, your eye doctor should advise you as to when you may resume contact lens use. Do wear sunglasses when in the sun in order to protect the fresh color for the first two weeks. Stay out of sun, pools, hot tubs and all creams around the eye for two weeks. Do not use any eye makeup for one week, and then please use a fresh tube of mascara. If there are any other concerns or questions during the healing period, call Cindy Fleagle at (515) 321-9810.


Eyebrows will not appear swollen, however, they will be tender for a few days. You may also notice that the eyebrow shape will fluctuate during the first two weeks of healing. The color will be much darker initially and will also soften/lighten during the first two weeks, sometimes up to 50% lighter. You will need to apply an aftercare ointment to your eyebrows approximately 2-3 times a day for 7 days. Use a fresh Q-tip with each application. Do not wear any makeup over your eyebrows for 5 days. Do not pick at the eyebrows if you notice a little lifting of color. Let it fall off naturally. Stay out of the sun, pools, hot tubs and avoid direct water pressure. Refrain from electrolysis for at least 2 weeks following an eyebrow procedure. Eyebrows are always darker immediately after the procedure. Within the first two weeks, the color becomes much softer and more natural as it blends with your body chemistry.

Lip Liner and Full Lip Color

I do NOT do lip color on those who have had any dermal fillers; (Silicone, Restylane, Juvederm, Radiesse, Perlane or Gortex).

Lips will feel swollen and tender for a few days following the procedure. However, they will only be slightly swollen. In fact, the majority of women enjoy the fuller shape of their lips following the procedure. Although you will feel comfortable with the size of your lips following the procedure, you will question the intensity of color on your lips. Be assured that the color of your lips will lighten significantly in just a few days. It is important to apply aftercare ointment to your lips consistently during the first week, especially. You will notice that on the second day post procedure, your lips will start of slough off the pigment. Do not pick at your lips. Allow your lips to slough off the pigment naturally. Usually, by day 4 or 5 the sloughing is complete. Your lips, at that time, will be quite light in color. However, they will begin to become more colorful with each passing week up to 6 weeks. They will soften into the beautiful shade you have been patiently waiting for. Meanwhile, you may apply an ice pack (which is protected with a wet barrier film of paper toweling) for 10 minute intervals for the first couple of days. Ice may be applied every hour or so, if desired. During the first two weeks, please follow these guidelines for beautiful lip color:

  • Stay out of the sun (even up to 6 weeks) as the sun will quickly fade color.
  • Be careful when brushing your teeth as toothpaste will pull out pigment.
  • Do not bite into greasy, oily, salty or spicy foods, rather cut it up, or tear food into pieces and place into your mouth.
  • Consistently apply the aftercare ointment to your lips. Use a clean Q-tip with each application.
  • Do not pick or pull off the sloughing pigment, let it fall off naturally.
  • You may wear lipstick after the first two weeks if the tube of lipstick is new.
  • Make sure you take your prescribed anti-viral medication (Valtrex or Zovirax) to help prevent cold sores two days before your next lip appointment, if needed.

Do not be alarmed by fading after the first application. The final color cannot be judged until at least 3 weeks after the touch-up applications are completed. This is the reason follow-ups are required.

If you have any other concerns or questions, call Cindy Fleagle at 515-321-9810.