Permanent Eyebrows

Before your appointment…

  • I cannot and will not tattoo anyone who is pregnant or nursing.
  • Must stop doing lasers and peels for a minimum of 1 month prior to your appointment.
  • Must not get any Botox for a minimum of 4 weeks prior to your appointment.
  • Must inform Artist if you have gotten any fillers around the brow area.
  • Must not get any facials for a minimum of 2 weeks prior to your appointment. 
  • Must not be tanned or sunburned.
  • Must be off of Accutane for one full year before getting Permanent Makeup.
  • Must inform Artist if you are taking any type of blood thinner medication.
  • Must inform Artist if you are on Retin-A, Glycolic Acid, Lactic Acid, or Retinoid (Anti-Aging). 
  • Must inform Artist if your doctor or dentist prescribes you any premedication’s before dental work or invasive procedures. 
  • Must inform Artist if you have any ongoing medical condition(s) you are being treated for such as Lupus, Cancer, etc. 
  • Must inform Artist if you have any moles, skin tags, or scarring in the area to be tattooed.

Appointment Time – Brows

  • Come to your appointment with brows drawn on as you normally would. 
  • Do not wear any scented lotions or perfumes.
  • Do not bring anyone under the age of 18 to your appointment. 
  • To keep you as comfortable as possible, I use a pre-numb as well as a secondary numbing agent. All topical lidocaine.
  • I will draw your brows prior to tattooing, after numbing. I will not begin tattooing until you sign off on the shape and design of the brows. 
  • Once the procedure begins, the process will take about 2 hours to be complete. 
  • Upon completion of the procedure, I will explain all aftercare, and provide you with an aftercare kit, and a link to a video about the brow healing process.
  • To avoid the 3% Credit/Debit Card processing fee, please bring cash.

Blotting the Brows

  • I have created a wound and all wounds weep body fluids, lymph and blood (some will weep more, and for a longer period than others). Blotting off these fluids and excess pigment is critical to optimum color retention. If these fluids are allowed to remain on the tattooed area and accumulate, you will get heavier scabbing. Heavy scabbing can pull out the pigment which will result in light spots and unevenness of color.  Dampen a paper towel with bottle or filtered water…may use sterile water or sterile eyewash as well.  Blot your new procedure every 30 minutes upon leaving.  Continue until weeping has subsided.  The following day, please blot the area periodically throughout the day. If you have eyebrow hair please make sure you are getting beyond the hair and actually blotting the tattooed skin.