Permanent Makeup Procedures


Most people underestimate the importance of eyebrows and the overall effect that they have on your appearance. Eyebrows frame your eyes and establish how other facial features are perceived. Eyebrows can give you a more youthful appearance and balance your appearance when properly designed.

Cindy Fleagle, Permanent Makeup Artist


Eyeliner enhances your eye color and makes your lashes appear thicker and darker. Smudged eyeliner or tears will no longer be a concern. It provides convenience and even safety for women with vision problems or unsteady hands. Contact lens wearers can benefit from the germ-free permanent liner. Swimming, showering and exercising can be completed without reapplying eyeliner.

Lip Blushing

Natural lip color fades with age. Permanent lip color is a great solution to transforming sad lips to fun and sexy lips without plastic surgery or fillers. Reapplying lipstick and lip gloss throughout your day is laborious and expensive. With permanent lip color, you will restore the beauty and life to your lips 24/7.